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Figuratively Speaking
"cheers to departure"
I say to the leaves.
All the while each one restless.
Making way toward their graves
Now about my feet
where I look and think
just moments before about how I pleaded and how I screamed.
"don't do it!" I said
"you have to much to live for"
Ignoring my attempts
Letting go.
They fell so silently to their graveyard below.
"cheers to failure"
I say to the tree.
As I collapse and curl among the cold and dearly deceased.
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awaiting sirens
I could hear the sirens now. They were much closer than they appeared. They came like thunder reverberating off the tall buildings of the streets outside, as I listened from my permanent place on the carpet, with one ear to the floor, the resulted lightening. Sounds of doors opening and doors closing, women crying, father's cursing. The apartment complex was alive now. Every floor, every resident, greatly affected by what it was I had done.
Ten minutes was the amount of time It took for anyone to notice, only ten minutes until that fairly rotund wench who lived across the hall decided by some spark of coincidence to "check up on him."  It was because of her kind heart that the precious time meant to be spent in my glory became considerably diminished.
however, I must say her reaction to my triumph was almost well worth it. I witnessed carefully and recorded every second in my mind as she stood there with her thick coral night gown stretched tightly across that bulging skin and her hair
:iconaveryage8:averyage8 3 7
refuge in rose petals
children laughed and wispered their secrets to the flowers,
filling their roots with memories while waiting in anticipation for a rainy day,
when each and every story would be released
and tactfully washed from their residency they have come to know and love as their own.
dramatizing their screams and the continual attempt of being starved for attention aided in this affiliation.
these raindrops sought refuge in rose petals.
welcomed by fear and lonliness.
disestablished by umbrellas selfishly destroying every attempt of roots and raindrops uniting.
the sky sounded out war and the ground unanimately agreed in a collaborating dispute
and there the umbrella layed.
deaf and broken.
soaked and trampled.
covered with memories and rose petals.
:iconaveryage8:averyage8 1 7



United States
Current Residence: school
i am efficiently mobile once again! although i would not say the drought of mobility was all too terrible. there was an abundance of good scenery and physical activity and there was a good amount of stories that needed to be sought and collected. i am thankful for the enabled freedom, but the disability was also much appreciated. at least i had time to spend with my beloved bicycle although she tried to give me some troubles in the blistering sun. we reconcilied our differences i'm sure because the ride home that evening was nothing short of awe-inspiring. i'm off to enjoy the freedom. and i cross my fingers for continual appreciated fortune. in other words, knock on wood?
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you got that right
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youre awesome
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I miss you
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heather rich, you are awesome!
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oh, i'm looking forward to our talk.

hope you're doing excellent, ave.

p.s. the rules are back <3

i really don't do well when they're gone.
silentscream Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2007
i miss our hardcore deviant days.

i'm glad you're submitting your writing again. you've always been one of the most inspiring people in my life, and you're the most inspiring when you're writing.
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hi.. me do like your writting.. hope you like mine if you check it some day!!
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heather! i missed you! how have you been?
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we should meet at the water town someday and walk in the rain.
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Oh my little Heather of whose head I touched tonight, fruit pizza making is probably going to go down on Thursday night, as long as you are there to cut my fruit and be the good husband that you are.
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